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"What I'm Hearing in My Head", doc animated sequence

“What I’m Hearing In My Head”

Animated sequences from doc on an eccentric SF music theorist and teacher

A documentary portrait of Mr. Natural, an eccentric music theorist and teacher who came to San Francisco just before the 1969 “Summer of Love”. While working at the print shop of Zap Comics his resemblance to comic artist Robert Crumb’s “Mr. Natural” became so notable, physically as well as in the story lines, that he finally and legally changed his name to match.¬†Filmmaker Asha Ghosh, editor Kathleen Dargis, add’l music by Dan Cantrell.


Excerpts from the film open:


Excerpt of simplified animation as ‘comic strip’:


Excerpts of music theory visualizations:


Excerpt of ‘How I Met Angel’ anecdote:



Rough boards for several of the sequences:

Concept sketches