Sword Of Fargoal 1

Compiled animated sequences within the computer game.
Sword of Fargoal has been a ‘retro-gaming’ fan-favorite since it was first released in 1983 for the Commodore 64 computer, by game creator Jeff McCord.

The iphone versions were programmed by  Paul Prideham, with a wonderful Jerry Goldsmith-esque score by Daniel Pemberton.

First concept art; with Matisse stained glass windows as a lofty inspiration-

Sword Of Fargoal 1 concept ar

Some rough color tests-

Lots of User Interface button variations-

Some ‘stair’ concept sketches-

Storyboards for some of the sequences-

A random shot of all the art layers unnecessarily visible; I often love the accidentally rich textures they make.

tree layers

The app icon art-


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