“We’ve Got The Power” wins 2014 Emmy for Best Animation!

This is the fourth multi-Emmy® Award-winning documentary co-produced and sponsored by PECG, for a total of 6 Emmys! The Academy previously honored The Bridge So Far – A Suspense Story, A Span in Time and The Next Frontier: Engineering the Golden Age of Green. Of six total Emmy wins, 4 have been for Best Animation in a Doc; 2 have been for Best Doc.

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“The Next Frontier” wins 2010-2011 Emmy award!

-for Graphics and Animation in a Program! The film dispatches the debate about global warming and climate change and instead takes us on a global journey to focus on the renewable, clean energy technologies that can improve our future and create significant economic opportunities.

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“A Span In Time” wins 2008-9 Emmy!

-for best graphics and animation in a documentary! The film tells the next chapter in the Bay Bridge construction saga, with the (animated) alarmist TV anchor “Max Tabloid” (mis)reporting the story as it unfolds on the screen.

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