Amour Vert Earth Day cartoon

SF clothing company Amour Vert has a mission to create great clothes while addressing the ethical and environmental costs associated with the fashion industry. For Earth Day they commissioned an animated cartoon that described some of the issues and solutions.
I enjoyed working, the crazy schedule notwithstanding, with some old animation colleagues from animation studios Colossal Pictures and Wild Brain. Jeff Fino produced the spot and Joe Kwong co-wrote it with daughter Lily Kwong, a key member of the Amour Vert company.

Amour Vert ‘Earth Day’ cartoon from Charlie Canfield on Vimeo.

Rough storyboards based on the script-

and the first brainstorming for imagery; Amour Vert narrowed my search by asking for sketchy black line with limited color, lots of white space… “what’s not to like?!”-


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