“The Next Frontier” wins 2010-2011 Emmy award!

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“The Next Frontier-Engineering the Golden Age of Green” wins 2010-2011 Emmy award for Graphics and Animation in a Program! The film dispatches the debate about global warming and climate change and instead takes us on a global journey to focus on the renewable, clean energy technologies that can improve our future and create significant economic opportunities.

Host Becky Worley of ABC’s Good Morning America travels to Denmark where ordinary people are changing the way they use energy resulting in free power, heat and even profit.
Becky also investigates Greensburg, Kansas, a town that’s going green from the ground up after being nearly destroyed by a tornado.
The journey includes tidal turbines in Ireland and concentrated solar plants in California.
Interviews feature some of the top energy and economic experts, Mobdro APK educators and high-level government officials, all striving to develop clean energy solutions and
alternatives to burning fossil fuels.
The film is enhanced by, and won the Emmy for, the educational and entertaining animation of Emmy Award-winner Charlie Canfield. The film also received Emmy nominations for Best Documentary and for Best Host.
Produced by Filmsight Productions and sponsored by the Professional Engineers in California Government.


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